How to start reading if you are a non-reader

You might have thought, “It’s not my cup of tea!” earlier. Though You were not into reading, now you desire friendship with books and wish to start reading as your hobby or simply to have fun or want to use your leisure time. Remember it’s never too late to start a journey until you breathe. […]

5 self help books you must read

When you are in search of a self-help book, I would recommend following 5 books which I have read and experienced. Each book has it’s different benefits. They are highly motivating and inspiring. In some way changing your thought process in a good manner. You can start reading any of these and it will not […]

The Hating Game by Sally Thorne | Book review

Author : Sally Throne Genre : Fiction (Contemporary romance) Pages : 363 If you are a rom-com fan you would like it. You may have heard about love at first site. Have you ever heard hate at first site? This is what happens in the novel “The hating game” by sally thorne (Debut Novel) After […]

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