Publisher – BLOOMSBURY


Pub date: May 22, 2007 

Pages: 384

Words fall short to explain how much this book means to me… I always like to pour my heart out for this book… There are lot to say about this gem but some of the important things that I would like to mention are –

• This is not the story of only Mariam and Laila. This is the story of every woman who struggles everyday just to survive in the female dominating society where they are not even considered as a human being, where they are the burdens of their father, husband and even sometimes mother and aunty.

• All the characters in this book are different, unique, real & amazing in their own way but among them my favorites are Mariam and Aziza. Laila was also a fighter but Mariam’s fight & sacrifice is incomparable. She was strong as well as kind. She was that kind of woman who knows to love unconditionally & with all her heart. She loved her father so blindly that she even turned up against her mother also and she loved Laila, Aziza to such an extent that she didn’t even think twice to sacrifice herself even.

Aziza, biological daughter of Laila but I think she is more like Mariam. She was a little girl with so much tolerance, strength, strong, kind, brave & sensible. She was representative of those girls who always face discrimination between a boy and a girl even in their own home also. She was that girl who always fell prey in this female dominating society since her birth.

•This story shows us that not all men are the same and society doesn’t always play a role in what kind of man you will become. In the same society only there existed a man like Rasheed, who can beat his wife up to death for not reproducing, for not giving birth to a boy child, for not cooking well, for not satisfying his physical needs and what not.

Jalil, father of Mariam who was polygamous and was ashamed to publicly accepting her daughter (as she was illegitimate) & her mother.

AND Tarik, the boy who loved Laila unconditionally, who could go to any extent to protect her & stay beside her,who could accept Laila in any condition, form & state.

These three men grew up in the same society, but they were different. A person like Tarik exists, and persons like Rasheed and Jalil also exist.

• This story shows us that parents’ love can also be complicated. Mariam’s mother used to rebuke her, but she was the one who looked after her alone, who didn’t abandon her amidst any situation & on the other hand her father always used to behave sweetly, used give her lots of gifts but he couldn’t accept her in front of all, he couldn’t take care of her own his own rather gave her daughter in the name of marriage to an unknown person who was lot older than her even without her consent. Maybe he loved her daughter but he didn’t have the courage to accept his deeds, to go against all his wives with whom he would spend the rest of his life.

• Another thing that attracted my attention is that one need not have blood relation to love, to be loved & to be one’s own people. The relationship between Mullah Faizulla, Mariam’s teacher and her proved this. The relationship between Mariam and Laila proved this, the relationship between Mariam and Aziza proved this.

This book occupies a very special place in my heart and I can re-read it again & again…

I would recommend this book to all.

I request the author, Khaleed Hosseini to treat us with this kind of GEMS again and again

Review by @stories_to_telllll

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