Animal Farm (Book Review)

Author: George Orwell

Genres: Allegory, Satire, Novella, Political satire, Roman à clef, Dystopian Fiction

Pub Dt: August 17, 1945

No. of pages: 141

Awards: Prometheus Hall of Fame Award, Retro Hugo Award for Best Novella

Seeds of revolution are planted in the minds of the animals of Manor Farm by the dying old Major, the pig.

After his death, the vision of a life where they have attended independence from humans is too tempting for the animals to let go.

From birds till horses and everyone in between revolt against the evil owner, Mr Jones of the farm and his men led by the two pigs Snowball and Napoleon. 

Battles are fought between them and humans for the independence of animals.

The animals establish a farm that belongs to them, is ruled by them and is for them based on seven commandments that act their constitution. 

The farm is renamed Animal Farm, where all animals are equal and where the wellbeing of each one of them is the priority.

However with the constant personal clashes of Snowball and Napoleon and Snowball being thrown out of the farm begins the reign of cunning Napoleon over the animals with the help of his assistant Squealer, the pig and other dogs.

As times pass rest of the animals are made to work harder than they did in the times of Jones with lesser food or comfort. 

The best food and comforts are reserved for pigs and dogs and even finer ones are kept for Napoleon. 

The seven commandments are replaced with the slogan ‘All animals are equal but some animals are more equal’.

My Opinion:

I’ve never read a story with symbolism and metaphor as rich as this.

The greatest part of the book is that even with little or absolutely no political and historical knowledge you will still be able to understand this allegorical novella just fine.

Suited for every age, even the children can understand concepts just as communism, totalitarianism and power-gone-corrupt.

George Orwell has backed his well-known political opinions by creating an astounding fable.

It also gives the readers the much-needed message to voice their opinions about things they feel are going wrong no matter whom those opinions are against because even one cry is efficient to save and silence at times of crisis is the greatest sin you can do!

I recommend this book to everyone reading this review.

Thank you!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Review by @the_inkedsoul_

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