It’s OK to be YOU

It’s OK not to be OK.

It’s OK to be weird and crazy.

It’s OK to be you. 

Why am I writing about her? Because she deserves it. I want everyone to know her. And learn from her. 

Since the 1st day we met exactly 13 years ago till today she never left me alone. We are bound to each other like a never breaking bond. A lifetime contract made by our heart. She is different. People call her weird because she speaks her heart out without hiding a tad of her nature from the world. She has a pure heart. She is enormously talkative and free by nature. Her unrealistic dreams and wild ambitions according to people makes her weird. If it is so, then I would love to be weird.

She is like a breeze that nobody can stop from blowing. People call her childish because she behaves like a child whenever around. So how does she exactly behave? I will tell you. Her big smiling always excited face for no reason with her thrilled mind keeps her body so active like a child she never sits at one place and keeps moving around while talking, not talking, all the time. She is over enthusiastic who thinks everything is possible in the world. She is always happy. I am amazed by her energy. I mean in today’s world how can one be so easygoing and so positive? If this kinda behavior people think is childish then yes I want to be a child. 

I can’t stop expressing my gratitude towards her. She is not only this but more than anything. She is bold enough to fight for herself, to argue with everyone for her rights, to reject someone, to say no to those things which her heart doesn’t believe. She thinks she can change the world, she is a strong woman. This is not enough description of her, how can I forget to mention how intelligent she is! Her knowledge is tremendous. She has a sharp mind but innocent heart which makes her different from all of us. People think she is crazy because she follows her heart and puts her opinions fearlessly in front of everyone. If this is crazy then I also want to be crazy like her. In fact someone said, “If people think you are crazy, you are on the right track.” 

I don’t think the above qualities are enough of her. She never feels bad about things. If you call her silly, she won’t mind. Maybe she knows how to treat narrow minded people. I am so proud of her whatever she is. 

She is my 2 am friend, if I say so I literally mean it. I talk to her without thinking of anything. I think out loud in front of her. I tell her every detail of my life. And same thing she does. We have no secrets from each other. When I am happy she is happy with me. When I am sad she is still there to console me wherever I am in the world. There is nothing like a long distance between us even though we are at the opposite pole of the earth but not polar opposite. I feel so lucky to have a BEST person as my BEST FRIEND in my life. 

Happy Birthday Ashwini. 

You are awesome. Be yourself always. 

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