Beach Read by Emily Henry (Book Review)

Author: Emily Henry

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Published Date: May 19, 2020

Pages: 384

Let’s start with the cover of the book. WOW! It’s bright yellow color with beautiful font style makes it vibrant and eye-catching. On the right side, the female protagonist is chilling on the beach wearing a Monokini and on the left there is male protagonist also chilling and reading. 

Isn’t it attractive? 

By the book cover I thought the whole story was going to be around the beach. Maybe they both meet-cute at the beach or they fall in love at the beach. But nothing like this happens. In fact I hardly found these two people going to the beach. 


The female protagonist January Andrews is a writer of rom-com novels whose life is not perfect, who face his father’s mistress just after his death and get to know about his second home somewhere else. Her mother is suffering from cancer. And she also has some clashes with her mom regarding his dad’s mistress. She moved to that second house of his dad which is located next to the beach. And then the story starts… 

She meets her neighbor Augustus Everett, who is also a writer. But A bleak literary fiction writer exactly opposite to January. One day they decide (actually it’s kinda a bet between them) to swap the genre and write a story. So January who is a Rom-Com writer will now write a dark fiction and Everett will go for a romantic one. 

So Beach Read is all about the struggle of two writers writing stories by swapping genres, adjusting and sorting their personal life issues. And slowly turning from being friends to deep love-romance kind of thing. 

What I liked : 

Oh my god… The beginning is amazing. The way of introducing the characters and building the story gradually was so perfect. 

The most amazing thing about this novel is you get to know how this writing thing works in the real life of authors. Whatever mental state they are in, whatever issues they have in personal life or even their life is sad and distracted they have to write a story that is also having happy endings. They have to write for the readers. Isn’t it a real struggle? 

I could feel those things. 

I was overwhelmed by some Heart wrenching moments between January and Everett. 

Their love story wasn’t exaggerated at all. Everything between them was acceptable. 

Then their past life stories(or so called life secret)reveal mysteriously which holds you till the end. 

I liked the dialogue and jokes between them tad cheesy though.  

Then I liked the end scenes where all those secrets were revealed about her father’s mistress and her love Augustus Everett. Ending was satisfying and obviously a happy ending.

PS: I didn’t cry at all. I read many people on Goodreads crying and all.

What I didn’t like : 

I somehow could connect with January but I really couldn’t connect with the male protagonist (Augustus Everett). Lack of description for him. I mean what kind of a man he was? Easy going one? Gloomy one? Romantic one? Cheater one? What exactly? 

OK. I am sorry to say it but this happened to me. The middle part of this book made me deadly bored. It was too stretched. At least for me it was. 

The title of the book is beach read but nobody in this book goes to the beach and reads. “Generally, when publishers talk about ‘beach reads,’ they mean a book that is accessible and hugely entertaining,” I am really sorry but it wasn’t hugely entertaining at all.  

Recommendation : 

If you are into writing you will definitely enjoy it, because this book will give you sneak peeks of the author’s life, from writing to publishing. If you are not, please don’t expect much simply grab one copy, read and have fun. It’s a quick read with twists in between. 

If you love Rom-Coms please go and grab your copy now. 

Available on Amazon

Rating: 4 out of 5.

One thought on “Beach Read by Emily Henry (Book Review)

  1. I found myself a little bored in the middle of this one too. Ultimately I prefer romance storylines within another story, rather than being the main course!


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