Kindle (E-reader) vs Traditional Books (Paperbacks/Hardcovers)

When I was young, I was loving collecting books and piling up my bookshelf. Various colors and designs of book covers were so delighting and mesmerizing. Also, I can never forget that old book smell. When I started working and moving from one place to another, it was onerous to carry all the books with me. Some of them I stored at mom’s house and some books I donated to the local library. But It doesn’t mean that I stopped reading, I bought an E-reader that is Kindle Paperwhite, which I started loving later. 

Kindle and traditional books both have different pros and cons. Both are great at their place. It’s just about your choice, current state, and comfort level. There are lots of E-readers available in the market but I mostly prefer Kindle because of it’s amazing features. 

Why should you start reading on Kindle? Or Why should you choose kindle over book?

At the start, I wasn’t comfortable reading on the Kindle. Simply because, I was so habitual to traditional books that I couldn’t get into it easily. But now my Kindle has become my best buddy. Let’s find out why?

  • Kindle is very thin, lightweight, easy to handle and perfectly fits in one’s palm. While traveling, It’s too inconvenient to carry numbers of books with you in your backpack. But If you carry a kindle with you  it’s like carrying thousands of books in a device. I can easily switch from one book to another in case I get bored with the first one. 
  • I do not need to keep lights on while reading in the dark. I have a habit to read inside my blanket at night. When I was reading a traditional book inside my blanket, I had to carry a torch. But the Kindle made it easy for me. Luckily I do not need to carry a torch now and it’s screen did not even harm my eyes. I read comfortably at night without disturbing anyone around. 
  • Not only in the darkness but also It’s easy on the eyes in the sharp sunlight. I can still get a feel of the beach read in the full of sunlights. 
  • The next benefit of having a kindle is, I can download books easily, and no need to wait for delivery or go outside at the store. I always get Offers on best selling books. I am also a Kindle unlimited subscriber so I get lots of free e-books. I have read the complete Harry Potter series for free.
  • Best thing which I love about kindle is its feature of having a built-in dictionary. I tap on the word and get the definition. I also love it’s other amazing features such as notes making, highlighting, and recommendation for highlights. I can see how many people have highlighted a particular line or sentence in the book. 

Why are traditional books evergreen and why should you read traditional Books(Paperbacks/Hardcovers)? 

  • Can you even imagine a room without books, if you are an ardent reader? Who would like to miss the smell of old paperbacks and also new one? I always loved that old smell. 
  • Beautiful color stacks, to which a reader pampers every moment. I still get anxious when I think about my old small library back at home. I would have definitely maintained it, if I wasn’t moving constantly from one place to another. 
  • If you are a Bookstagramer (A part of the book community on Instagram) and don’t have enough paperbacks, you may feel sort of jealous by looking at other Bookstagramer’s feeds with colorful book stacks and those vibrant book covers. LOL!
  • You may miss the fun of visiting a book store or local book cafe or library. I actually miss it a lot. Anyway because of the pandemic this year, I or may be some of you can not even go out and visit those bookish places. 

At the end I would say, A reader will be a reader. We will never stop reading in any circumstances. I would like to know your personal opinions- What would you prefer for reading and why? Book or E-Book? Tell me your answers in the comment below.

Happy Reading!

One thought on “Kindle (E-reader) vs Traditional Books (Paperbacks/Hardcovers)

  1. Old book smells are tantalising. I love browsing second-hand bookstores for that very reason. Once I started reviewing books I found myself using my Kindle more and more as eBooks are more prevalent for review copies – and I found it’s also easier to read in bed. No more worry about scrunching up pages when I fall asleep mid-book!


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