The Hating Game by Sally Thorne | Book review

Author : Sally Throne

Genre : Fiction (Contemporary romance)

Pages : 363

If you are a rom-com fan you would like it.

You may have heard about love at first site. Have you ever heard hate at first site?

This is what happens in the novel “The hating game” by sally thorne (Debut Novel)

After the merging of B&G Lucy and Joshua became cellmates in the office. Lucy from Gamin and Joshua from Bexley. They are rivals and competing for promotion. They hate each other for many reasons and everyone knows it in the office. They used to get warnings from HR but no use, the hating game continues.

I desperately wanted them to fall in love. And guess what they fall in love.

It’s a beautiful written rom-com novel. Many readers loved it and many hated it as well. Because they find it having unnecessary intimate scenes, In every chapter mentioning that the Protagonist Lucy is very short and Joshua extremely hot. One more reason is the climax is Happy but there are some incomplete scenarios about Lucy.

My opinion :

I genuinely loved it but I too have gripes about the ending. I wanted to know if Lucy gets the job and I also wanted Joshua to meet Lucy’s parents, which never happens.

Overall :

Overall it’s a fun reading. it’s hard to put down once you start. Chemistry between Lucy and Joshua is hilarious. I believed that this hating game, the staring game.. kinda thing happens.

It’s a human tendency, When you get crush on someone around who is extremely smart but your rival or competitor, you usually fail to express love and gratitude even if you want. You’d rather manifest hate or anger. And Yes Ego is the reason. Once the ego is vanished, you make the best pair.

Available on Amazon

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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