5 self help books you must read

When you are in search of a self-help book, I would recommend following 5 books which I have read and experienced. Each book has it’s different benefits. They are highly motivating and inspiring. In some way changing your thought process in a good manner. You can start reading any of these and it will not disappoint you.

  1. The power of your subconscious mind
  2. Unlimited Memory
  3. Atomic Habits
  4. How to win friends and influence people
  5. The gifts of Imperfection
  1. The power of your subconscious mind

Author :  Joseph Murphy,  Ian McMahan 

Pages : 304

I highly recommond this book to everyone. This book gives you techniques to vanish negativity in your mind and spread positivity all over. Lessons to heal yourself physically and mentally, it explains the power of prayers and how important it is to be happy, satisfied and whole.It helps to make you understand your conscious and subconscious mind and how it works. Many examples of healing, recovering are given in this book which will surprise and amaze you. If you read this book and believe it, you are on the way to change your life completely. It’s completely up to you how you put yourself into it.

2) Unlimited Memory

Author : Kevin Horsley

Pages: 136

In this book you will get to learn interesting techniques to improve your focus and concentration. Why I am recommonding this book as a self help? The reason is very obvious: Everybody wants to increase productivity at work, students need to recall loads of information, even people who are not studying or working need to remember something in their daily life. Develop  your confidence and make your life stress free by simply learning strategies and techniques given in the book. It’s an easy read and portrayed in very simple language.

3)Atomic Habits

Author : James Clear

Pages: 319 

This is one of the most popular books. Bad habits are nothing but obstacles coming in your way to success. Atomic habits reveal practical strategies to form good habits and break bad ones in your daily life. Author believes that small changes in daily life will make a big difference which is a compound effect. I too believe so. This book I will personally recommend as this one helped me to improve myself and accomplish my goals. 

4) How to win friends and influence people

Author : Dale Carnegie

Pages : 288

It’s an old and popular book that was first published in 1936. But still an effective and amazing one. By the title of the book don’t judge that this book is for socially awkward people or for introverts, this is for everyone. It simply says to be nice and work on your own self and not to be mean to others. It explains following points:

– 6 ways to make people like you

-12 ways to win people to your way of thinking 

– 9 ways to change people (without being mean or harsh)

Many people mention that this one was life changing for them.

5) The gifts of Imperfection

Author : Brené Brown 

Pages : 138

Are you among those who think that they are not perfect. And when you see people around you who are successful and famous, you feel inadequate. Then this book is for you. This is an incredible self help book I must say. Author explains how you can cultivate compassion and courage and start loving yourself by accepting imperfection.

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