5 secrets to make your relationship stronger with your partner(Perfect Relationship Hacks)

Nobody is perfect in this world and there is no need to be perfect just to make someone like you. Two imperfect souls can make a perfect relationship by applying the following things in their love life. 

From the day you get bound in a relationship till now, maybe it’s been a month or years, you can see many changes occurring in your life. Either some changes you accept easily or you struggle to face it. You both always try to be compatible with each other and there is nothing wrong in putting efforts. 

First thing is to stop thinking that you are not perfect for him/her. And second thing, go  through this article carefully to know the secrets to cherish your love life and make a perfect relationship. 

#1 Never compare with others: Not on your life! Never ever compare your significant other with anybody. If you often do this mistake, it will ruin your relationship eventually. Comparing with others will make them feel insecure, they will think that you are less interested in them now, because you find others more reliable than them. No doubt that their love for you will start vanishing soon.

If you have any complaints against them you can politely throw a conversation about it without comparing  them with other people, who you think are better than them. Someone may be good at one thing but definitely lack in other things. Bitter truth, No one is perfect. 

#2 Communicate freely: Communication is the key to open up yourself in your relationship. Talk whatever feelings you are carrying in your mind. If you have workload stress at the office or you are having problems with your friends or family, never feel shy or uncomfortable sharing those things. 

They would be unable to solve your problem but sharing it with your partner will reduce your tension. In case you misbehave or feel irritated in front of them, this time they are known about the reason behind your bearing. So instead of being annoyed by you or attacking back at you, they will keep calm and understand you. It will make things easy for both of you.

#3 Compliment each other: Praise your partner for everything that you like in them often. Tell them they look good with whatever feature they have, they are special. Compliment them for their hairstyle or clothing style, compliment them if they smell good and also don’t forget to compliment them for their hard work at office, being loving with family and friends, their honesty and politeness in relationship with you.

Never think that compliments are only for women, men feel glad when someone gives them compliments or praises them. 

#4 Give space: Yes! It’s necessary for both individuals even if you are madly in love and staying together. Let them spend some of the time alone or with their friends and family. You do not need to be glued around every single moment. Instead you can find it as an opportunity to focus on yourself. Get your own time, pamper yourself, go out and meet your friends, watch your favorite movie or read a book alone. 

Do not hesitate to ask your partner for space. Wanting and needing space is completely normal. Spending time with your own self leads to self compassion. When you are happy and satisfied with your own self then only you can show gratitude towards your partner which leads to a healthy relationship. 

#5 Avoid outsiders being involved in your fights: Do you know any couples on the earth, who do not have conflicts? I bet you don’t. Two different souls can have different opinions, choices and priorities. So arguing with a partner is totally normal and it’s needed to make your relationship stronger. You may fight and eventually sort out your issues and be together happily again. 

But when you involve another person in your fights, it may be a family member or friend, then following consequences can happen 

  1. You rely on third person’s suggestions 
  2. Your direct communication with your partner will get interrupted because you have a third person to talk about your partner’s fault which tends to create a communication gap. 
  3. By doing this often you may spoil your relationship with the third person as well. 

So,It’s always better to avoid third person to get involved in your conflicts. Remember nobody knows your partner better than you. Talk directly to your partner whatever disagreements you have with them and listen to them as well. And find out a positive solution suitable for both of you. 

Healthy relationship leads to a healthy life.

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